Introducing Motherhood: Becoming

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Introducing Motherhood: Becoming

We are thrilled to introduce our newest signature treatment! Becoming is the ultimate in therapeutic and relaxing experience for the mother-to-be. Safe and effective for any month of pregnancy, this treatment is designed to address many of the common issues and concerns that arise during pregnancy, including relief from headaches, inflammation, fatigue, “baby brain” and mood changes. We know that pregnancy is one of the most important and happy times in a woman’s life. We also know that it can bring with it new experiences, challenges and sometimes discomfort. We are here to both celebrate with you and also make your pregnancy an even more enjoyable time in your life!

You begin as always getting cozy on our purple couch. We offer you a specially formulated Mama-To-Be tea and a delicious pregnancy cookie, both providing important nutrients for you and baby. A warm neck wrap soothes and relaxes tired muscles.

Sink your feet into a hot soak with our signature blend of salts to remineralize and improve circulation. Our newly formulated Becoming Essential Oil Blend is added to your foot bath to decrease swelling, promote relaxation, support restful sleep, and improve mental clarity.

Next, enjoy our newest foot scrub, a gentle exfoliation with all organic ingredients including oats for cleansing, honey for deep moisturizing and aloe vera to soothe and cool. This nonabrasive scrub leaves your feet smooth and soft.

After your feet are exfoliated and rinsed, you experience the benefits of a 30 or 60 minute minute foot and lower leg massage. Tired, achey and swollen feet receive deep relaxation, improved circulation, tension relief and decreased inflammation. Our massage therapist are experienced and trained to work specifically with pregnant women. You and your baby are safe in our hands! Sit back, close your eyes and enjoy, Mama!

Your treatment is completed with a cooling foot gel from Spoiled Mama. This organic gel contains aloe and cucumber to nourish and soothe your skin and decrease swelling. It is a refreshing end to this perfect, prenatal experience.

Lastly, we sprtiz you with our Becoming Essential Oil blend to leave you with the lasting benefits of this specially formulated blend and the entire experience of The Barefoot Sage.

1 Hour 15 Minute Treatment: Featuring a 30 Minute Massage ($95)

2 Hour Treatment: Featuring a 60 Minute Massage ($130)

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