Formally Introducing “Renew”

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Formally Introducing “Renew”

Designed for Anyone On Their Feet All Day!

Many clients have told us anyone can enjoy the treatment formally known as Runner’s Renew. By popular demand, we’ve renamed this treatment to “Renew” to help anyone standing, walking, or running for extended periods of time. We know you will enjoy this treatment!

Specifically formulated with herbs, essential oils and Sombra cream to provide you with pain and tension relief, muscle repair, cardiovascular support and deep relaxation. Address injury, balance the body from its base, and improve circulation with this restorative treatment.

Renew Treatment – $115

Enjoy a warm herbal compress designed to relax your body, repair torn or damaged tissue and improve circulation, then a mud masque for your feet to re-mineralize, soothe and reduce fatigue, followed by an aromatherapy salt soak with our signature Renew blend to reduce inflammation and bruising, relax breathing passages, create a sedative effect on muscles, and support healing of strains and tears.

Relax with a 45-minute massage of the foot and lower leg, addressing any individual issue or injury you may be experiencing. Massage will reduce tension and allow your body to feel more balanced as you stand, walk or run. You’ll feel it the moment you step off the couch! Next, an application of Sombra crème. This all-natural crème warms tired muscles while providing the cool tingling of menthol to relieve aches and cramping.


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