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Welcome to The Barefoot Sage

You’ve finally found a place where you can literally put your feet up and relax. Located in the heart of the Hawthorne District of Southeast Portland, The Barefoot Sage provides unique and holistic spa therapy treatments for your feet. Our licensed massage therapists are uniquely skilled to work relaxation into the fibers of your soles, and our spa and aromatherapy services put your heart at rest.

Motherhood: Becoming

Becoming is the ultimate in a therapeutic and relaxing experience for the expecting mother. We know that pregnancy is one of the most important and happy times in a woman’s life. We also know that it can bring with it new experiences, challenges and sometimes discomfort.

Safe and effective for any month of pregnancy, this treatment is designed to address many of the common issues and concerns that arise during pregnancy, including relief from headaches, inflammation, fatigue, “baby brain” and mood changes.

We have specially formulated an aromatherapy blend and oatmeal scrub to provide the most health benefits for the pregnant mama. Choose a 30-minute or for the first time at The Sage, a 60-minute lower leg and foot massage.

Your treatment includes prenatal tea and an organic cookie that’s preservative-free, and packed with healthy nutrients for both mama and baby. We are here to both celebrate with you and the mama-to-be, as well as help make her pregnancy an even more enjoyable time in her life!

1 Hour 15 Minute Treatment: Featuring a 30 Minute Massage ($95)
2 Hour Treatment: Featuring a 60 Minute Massage ($130)


New Organic Baby Products For Sale!

To compliment our new Signature Treatment:IMG_0641


We’re introducing a whole new line of Botanical Baby Products! Choose from an Infant Neck Wrap, Botanical Baby Body Wash, Bottom Balm, or Nappy Spray. All of these products are certified organic, and will help to soothe, protect, and relieve the little one.

We’re open 7 days a week.



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