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Welcome to The Barefoot Sage

You’ve finally found a place where you can literally put your feet up and relax. Located in the heart of the Hawthorne District of Southeast Portland, The Barefoot Sage provides unique and holistic spa therapy treatments for your feet. Our licensed massage therapists are uniquely skilled to work relaxation into the fibers of your soles, and our spa and aromatherapy services put your heart at rest.


Beginning on May 1st…

Balanced Harmony

A new treatment designed specifically for women.

We have crafted a foot soak that is perfectly balanced with Raspberry Leaf tea and
our blend of Dead Sea salts to harmoniously provide the benefits of
minerals, compounds, magnesium and potassium to support women’s
reproductive health and help to prevent cramping.

We add a healing essential oil blend of Sandalwood, Geranium and Lavender.
The balancing qualities of these essential oils are absorbed through the skin
and provide a sense of harmony for the body and mind.

  • Sandalwood is a Powerful anti-inflammatory oil that is invigorating to the mind
  • Geranium is grounding and hormonally balancing
  • Lavender is uplifting and soothing

~ A deeply relaxing Sandalwood essential oil infused 30 minute massage.

~ A Lavender spritz for you to leave in Balanced Harmony.

Begins May 1st

~ $60 ~

A portion of proceeds donated to Planned Parenthood to support women’s health.

Call now to book Balanced Harmony.


Ends April 30th! Book Today…

Breathe…Just Breathe!

Introducing our seasonal treatment
inspiring you to take in tranquility and release.

Breathe ~ $65

Into a warm foot soak enhanced with our unique aromatherapy blend.

And open up to the sensation of a tingling aromatherapy salt scrub.

Into a much needed thirty minute lower leg and foot massage.

Take time to Let Go.

Call now to book BREATHE.

Promotion valid April 4-30, 2017