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Welcome to The Barefoot Sage

You’ve finally found a place where you can literally put your feet up and relax. Located in the heart of the Hawthorne District of Southeast Portland, The Barefoot Sage provides unique and holistic spa therapy treatments for your feet. Our licensed massage therapists are uniquely skilled to work relaxation into the fibers of your soles, and our spa and aromatherapy services put your heart at rest.


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The 7 Habits That Wreck Your Feet

Introducing Our New Fall Seasonal:

Available September 9 through October 31, 2014


You cooled your heels with “REFRESH” ~ Now relieve your soles with “RELAX”


As we move into the fall season, our feet may not get the circulatory energy they need. This will leave our feet feeling stiff, and make our bodies want to slow down.

Let us reenergize your feet and help you feel relaxed again. Allow our special blend of therapeutic mineral salts, combined with organic circulatory herbs of ginger and mustard seed, plus fragrant, pure essential oils soften and soothe your stiff and achey feet. A 30-minute lower leg and foot massage relieves any tension, followed by a custom organic spritz to leave you feeling relaxed.

Relax ~ $55

Featuring a 30 Minute Massage
Add on a sea salt scrub for just $10


This new soothing foot soak will help “relax” your lower legs and feet!



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